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Thanks to all who have tried to give help and answers! And for your patient and kind attempts to understand my question! I Due to the fact that I do not know the English language inside out, I think, you couldn't succeed in that. I summerize my question below: Where can I find information about social media optimization. (I would like to use my social media, but I think it is necessery first to optimize them. Somewhere I have seen a blog with links or something else about optimization
Each step brings you closer to your goal The first steps we take as a child are still uncertain. As we gain more experience with walking it becomes easier. Every beginning is difficult, but with practice we are making progress. Without regular practice, you'll never learn to play the piano. Our youngest grandchild is now 6 years old. A year ago I tried to teach him a little bit about chess. The first thing he said: "That I can." Although he is gifted, he could not play chess without training. H
February 04, 2014
No, these were not the first three weeks of my life. It relates to the first three weeks of my second life! That is the most suitable word for the feeling I got more and more during this three first weeks in the WA community. May be this sounds a little bit exaggerated to you, but I could not find a description wich better represents my present state. It feels good to me! To understand this good feeling I have to tell you something about my life. Till now I have had the idee, that all what I di
My first blog (about the changes in the new criteria Google takes into account concerning the quality of websites) was a complete failure. The biggest mistake I made was, that I hit the publish button at a moment that the blog was not yet finished. Therefore I deleted it. I hope I will never again hit the publish button before I am satisfied with its content. That is of course no garantee, you will by satisfied with it too...... About the same subject (changes in Googles ranking criteria) yo