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In my blog ‘How to use Live Chat”, I used some pictures. Someone asked, how I did that.The answer is: I used the add on; Openclipart in Google Docs. You can find there thousands of pictures. Some examples: In Google Docs you can also draw . You can create a text box in different colors. Also arrows and so on. Important is, to use pictures sparingly.
April 14, 2014
Up to now ,I not often participated in Live-Chat. For me too quickly. English is not my native language, and therefore I must regularly consult the dictionary and so on. Does that mean,l will do nothing with Live-Chat? . On the contrary. Every day I follow it. So I see passing many solutions that I can use, now or in the future. I have collected quite a number of links of URLs with practical material for building my website, together with answers to questions I can help others with. I also se
Sometimes I see a button next to the text I wrote above, in the title of this little blog. I have then the posibility to click a green button, with "Yes" in it and a grey one with "No". Why do I see this button only sometimes and not everywhere? Is there rule?
.At present , I make little progress. To be honest, I am stuck.. I started wit the Affliate Bootcamp because it was not necessery to search for a niche: See Kyle’s lesson: If you don't have a niche at this point, this will be your niche and we have anAffiliate Bootcamp dedicated to those that are interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate. So my niche is Affiliate Bootcamp? In spite of this I had to search for a specific group of people. Is that not too a niche? See Kyle: A Niche is A Group
My WA friends, I would like to share with you the following experience: After two emails with a link to WA connected to them, I got my first referral and $ 1 (€ 0.73). My WA credits are changed from 0 to 1. I have been active nine weeks now. Although it is not a huge amount, it may be the beginning of more. What I conclude from this, is that I'm going to invest time in sending targeted emails with WA links. It is a nice discovery to me, it is possible to earn money without a websi
March 30, 2014
HMasters is the name of his profile. He was a very active member, especially in his comments. Lately he does not answer comments and also no Private Messages. The subject of his website was also very interesting! He was an insider in the medical world. He would try to critically evaluate the information in the media about health and so on. More than four weeks ago, he wrote something for the last time. Does someone know about him? I miss him. His comments where always encouraging, origi
Today I read somewhere: "There are so many scams on the Internet now send me $ 19,95 and I will tell you all about them". Have a nice and funny day....
"I will always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job... Because, he will find an easy way to do it". (Bill Gates) I am not always lazy: sometimes I find difficult ways to do easy jobs.......
March 13, 2014
Yes two surprises, a bad one and perhaps a nice one. First the bad one: more than a week ago I got the message that I had canceled my membership of Wealthy Affiliate. That was a big shock to me. Not one of my thousands of white hairs on my head ever thought about canceling my membership of WA. What was the problem? I had payed my membership manually and the "system" could not handle that. The problem was solved as follows: the $ 47.00 were payed back ( after 5 days) at my Paypal account an
February 16, 2014
My domain name is : My goal is to promote Wealthy Affiliate with this site. (Bootcamp) I would like to reach people who search for a second life after retirement or becoming unemployed. Is unemployed a good niche or have you other suggestions? Thanking you in advance!