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I'd like to share my progress with WA thus far, and some goals I have for the coming months.I've been a Wealthy Affiliate member for exactly 1 month and three days now, and a Premium member for 25 days. I'm just finishing up Certification Course 2, Lesson 10 and am so ready to start learning how to monetize my website.I have gained a massive amount of internet marketing knowledge here, thanks to this helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable community. So, thank you everyone who has helped me along
Is it true that you want to use only your OWN images on your website, so that Google won't push you down in ranking?Thanks.
I am very excited to be a Premium member! For several days I've put it off, thinking I'll do it at a later date when things aren't so busy. However, I have no idea when things will settle down for me, if ever. So I decided NOW is the best time to go Premium, because I don't think any other time will ever be "better", and, it would take longer to get started making money online if I continued putting it off. I cannot wait to get started turning my website ideas into realities with Wealthy Affili