Here is my site:

I started the site in September 2016 and I have worked on it since then following the Bootcamp training.

For some reason it was not successful in selling Wealthy Affiliate memberships. I think because of the strong competition in this niche. But I have sold other affiliate products with this site. Now the traffic has dropped and I deleted some posts which I thought would be better to delete. Now the traffic is like 10 visitors a day, but it used to be up to 100 visitors a day about one year ago.

If this site can be useful for you contact me to buy it, or if you need any more information about it.

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Triblu Premium
Hey Enxhi,

There are sites where you can offer your website for sale. See screen print below to see the most well known site. All I did was Googles searched "sell my website" (without the quotation marks, of course) to find it.

Hope you find this helpful.
dreamgirl93 Premium
I know but you have to pay a fee of $25 there and I thought that people here would be more interested, like people who followed the Bootcamp and already made a site like this successful once so know how to do it.
Triblu Premium
Members here are being taught to create their own website, and registering a domain is not all that expensive.