Hello I love everything y'all do your platform you're learning it's good stuff but I do not plan to do an e-commerce site with this first build I am going to start a business that actually does a home service in the pest control industry and I need to generate leads that entice people to call to action and have my phone number on there and have it to look visually appealing how can I have a balance between good SEO and Aesthetics please help

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Lex666 Premium
That sounds cool
AparnaBansal Premium
Good SEO and aesthetics don't counter each other at all.
And, I think going the route of home service in any industry is a great idea.
MarionBlack Premium
Check out the Live Events link on the left. Jay has done some webinars on local businesses. And make use of the grey search bar at the top of any WA page.
anusuya1 Premium
I wait for the answers from the platform.