Hello Everyone,

I was aware for people living in Bangladesh, Egypt, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam, there is No Free Starter Membership.
But how about Ghana?
Here is the question from a potential referral.
"My country (Ghana) is not part of the non free starters yet I am asked to pay premium. Please any explanation to that effect?"

Is Ghana now on this list of No Free Starter Membership?

Thanks for your help,

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PMindra Premium
Hi, Jason.

In my opinion, and it is a fact, that more than one/trird of the World population is 'Underbanked.'
Please share with with me how these people get to 'exercise' on the same platform that you do. I do not mean any disrispect.

MKearns Premium
Your country is probably looked at as under influence of those that are on free starters. It's only a short hop through Togo and Benin to the great nation of Nigeria!
VitaliyG Premium Plus
Hi, these countries have high fraud rates, thus they are excluded from the starter membership, they can join premium though. Another option is to get someone in a nearby country or other country to join the starter for them.
JasonKim Premium
Thanks Vitaliy
VitaliyG Premium Plus
No problem!