Note: this is for the Amazon Associates Program. Also, I noticed that my conversion rate was at 22.22%. In addition to this, how do I transfer my site comments earnings to my bank account, or any earnings for that matter? Thank you so much for your invaluable support and help!

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IvanBroz Premium
About Site Comments: Most affiliate programs will send you money via PayPal or Payoneer automatically. Some may send your commission checks via mail and other programs might even pay directly to your bank account. All in all, it varies from affiliate program to affiliate program.
Elijah88 Premium Plus
Thanks you guys so much for next level of insight in regard to Amazon Associates algorithm. I am grateful now that I am absorbing invaluable information and still have my account left intact. However, are the purchases still considered qualifying purchases if they were accepted, albeit sans commission? This is very interesting and educational!!
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Family and friends don't count and sometimes there's cooling periods where customers return items before commissions are paid out.

It is always to also read the small print and adhere to Amazon terms and conditions, so that account does not get voided.
lesabre Premium
Hi Elijah, make sure Amazon can not find any personal connections and the buyer of the products. It is amazing how they connect the dots and refuse the commission you also risk the chance of getting banned from their associate's program.

Best wishes,

countrylife Premium
You have? Or visitors? Family and friends do not count.