Hi Kyle, I was making some comments on other websites. I copied and pasted a link on my other monitor screen to look at. What came up was reviews of WA. Some are ripping it. It is funny how some complained because of all the work and study one has to do at WA. I thought really, I thought what a concept, work hard and be successful. I was wondering how you deal with this, especially with get rich fast dreamer who joins WA. Or the ones who were members once, they didn't get rich, then go off to create website who trash WA or tell me to join their program. Do you have any advice or encouragement? I am 61 and I hate my job. I hope and pray with hard work, WA is my freedom ticket. Thanks, johnny

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AnthonyMLM Premium
People are always going to talk negative about programs that are having a huge success. Yes this question might be for Kyle, but I've seen and read those negative reviews about WA.. But it my decision to trust WA..its my determination that will prove all the naysayers wrong in the end..So stay focus on your dreams and stay committed to WA.
Vickic3 Premium
Hi Johnny
I know you are asking Kyle this question and its a great question
Every online business that is awesome gets hammered by people who have maybe joined and not done all the training, not done the work needed and then left blaming the platform they were involved in
It's the same here - It takes guts, hard work learning all the training and lots and lots of building which takes time and then the money will start coming.
No-one knows exactly when but you have to stick at it to achieve.
I always comment with positive things to say and if people online can't handle this, bad luck as I know 100% WA rocks and so its easy to be kind and say great things
I hope this helps you understand this a bit more