The comment I provide is my own and I am sure I do a good job.

But at times it says it is not unique? I recently have reported a site for this reason.

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LMH1968 Premium
It does that sometimes, I just add another couple of words and re submit
anusuya1 Premium
Adding or changing does not always work. That has been my experience.
CDarling1 Premium
I've had the same problem. I also change some of the words and they accept it.
siamjerry Premium
I have had the same, for no reason at all. What I usually do is amend a few words and the second time it is accepted. Could be a little flaw in the system.
anusuya1 Premium
I am sure of a small flaw. There were no comments on this site.
I have given authentic comment.
Earlier, I change some words or add sentences to the comment. It accepts.
I did the same and but says it is not unique.