I was already on Level 7 or 8. Why does if have me starting over?

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AparnaBansal Premium
It will always go back to the lesson where u have not ticked off all the actions at the bottom of the lesson. It's a way of reminding you to complete all actions.
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi James .... it's all ok .... it happens ...

encourages us to do the o' rinse and repeat formula ... lol .... just kidding you a wee bit ....

it goes on and off depending on your training bar .... i've prepared a screenshot for you .... you can either toggle it on or off as a header on your screen ...

to find it, you can go to your WA profile picture > click > Account Settings > scroll down a wee bit and you can see it there, just under the mobile responsive mode button and Before Subscription settings ...

hope that helps ... all the best, cheerio .... :)
bluemagic64 Premium
A lot of training by volumes need to go step by step. If you are done then click those for you to bring to the next level.

Hope will help. For me although I finish the training I am still go back to the training for further familiarization.


AbieAJ Premium
You should have a banner top of site under top menu telling you where your next level be, that should be correct.


Show Training Header, On