and when I look at google for key words the competition changes to 1000's for Self Employment Help. is it because it is listing every search for self employment and not the phrase Self employment help? Is it ok to go ahead or what am I missing. I am stuck. I need to move forward, I was thinking on a website on Self employment Help and using the key words home business, , tax tips, how to become self employed, self employment for women. starting after retirement, to be some of the articles using the key word search., am I on the right track or out in left field...???

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adroco3 Premium
When you type the search into Google, it will find all websites "relevant" to the keywords you typed.

Also, if you type the keyword phrase without " " in the beginning and end of the phrase, then google treats it as if you are searching for each keyword separately rather than searching for those sites that match your keyword.

For example: self employment help would be searched as self+employment+help

"self employment help" would be searched for the exact phrase Self employment help in other sites.

Jaaxy finds your real competition which can be found with any keyword or keyword phrase by going all the way to the LAST page of the google search you are on but that could take forever considering some of the keywords you may look up.

Reneeriff Premium
ahhhhh So just stick with the competition results you find in Jaaxy, and use the keywords you find in google. Thank you so much! I appreciate the help.
adroco3 Premium
You're welcome! :)