I was installing them on a page in editor on my w/s. Why red and not blue?

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Labman Premium
The color of your links are determined in the css of your theme so someone must have decided that this theme needed red links.

Use a different theme if you want blue or learn to adjust the .css file.

You could also install the WP edit plugin which will give you control of colors etc.
mijareze Premium
Awesome Labman! Thanks for the answer!
Great question as well!
Rich908 Premium
Thanks Dick for bringing this up I will watch Labmans Tutorial
TheOldSilly Premium
Interesting question, and an experience I've not yet had. Mind if I follow along on this comment thread to see if anyone can give some answers?
Labman Premium
No reason to mind you following along.
FHagstrom Premium
Your theme probably defaults to red for links I would think