Who gets credit when my affiliate id is in a link someone used to see a WA training page my website presented, but they did not sign up to join WA at that time. This was the first time they ever entered WA.

And later they visit another WA members website and sign up to join WA Who gets the credit when they sign up??

Thank You

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Sherion Premium
Same thing happened to me so I did a few changes to my websites. I put in there that to be sure to sign up with my link and then I give them some kind of bonus. I am into a number of things besides WA. The same things happened in those too! So, the best thing to do is on somewhere on your website be sure to tell them to sign up through you and then offer them a bonus if they do. Make a short ebook or create something that you can do. Then, once they sign up you provide a link for them to get their bonus.
But, I know this sucks because initially you brought them here and now you don't get the credit.
MarionBlack Premium
As with most affiliate programs, it's the "last cookie wins" at Wealthy Affiliate.
Triblu Premium
Hey George,

When you use your affiliate links when sharing anything from WA that you did not create, and someone signs up for the training YOU get credit. Thus the meaning of "affiliate link".

Here's a tutorial to help you: Hope you find this helpful.