who can explain to me about WA and how it help people?

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One-Love Premium
Hello Dnegassa,

Your profile very brief, it would be of beneficial if you stated your online business and website experience. This is also important for good advice guide.

The 3 responses are correct in regards to the benefit of WA. Business Educational Training, Networking in the community, Social media and the tools that you will need to be successful online is what is provided by W.A.

W.A gives you the understanding what is needed to build a successful business online... Building some knowledge and experience in what is required to know your niche business, website development, knowledge of social media, to stop you from being block or banned. How to advertise. market and promote your business for you to get revenue, constant sales to replaces or add an extra income to build more wealth...

I hope this is helpful for you Dnegassa...
megawinner Premium

WA is a platform on how to create your own marketing Affiliate business, not only that it would help you more on online business by their excellent WA training. The first thing you should do is focus on the Online Entrepreneurship Certification and/or Affiliate Bootcamp all of them you can click on the left side of your screen. Click Training (with a green circle with a triangle inside). The main thing is you will learn how to monetize on Affiliate marketing, Product Review, Selling of e-products, etc. You will learn all of these here.

All the best!

Yellowlemon Premium

My understanding is that WA provides people with the tools and support that you need to create a successful business in the blogging space. The training they offer is meant to help people understand what they need to focus on to be successful. The community they have is really helpful and you will learn a lot from the feedback and advise those who have been with the program offer based on their experience.

Go through the training and complete all the tasks, and you'll realize how useful it is. All the best
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - according to your profile you have finished all the first 10 lessons in your first couple of hours, but haven't built your website. So, it seems you haven't actually done the tasks or understood the process.

This is a learning platform which teaches you how to build your own website for affiliate marketing. It is a slow and steady process and takes months of consistent work. You are building a genuine online business for the future.

I suggest you start again and actually complete each task as you are asked to do so, then you will have built your website by the end of lesson 4 and will understand the program better.