am trying to add my affiliate link to my wa review article, i have two options to choose which were not in the walk through video.

1. If to open the affiliate link in a new window

2. To choose a website.

Do i need to choose any of this options or just copy abd paste the link then click the insert button. Advice highly appreciated.

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Kyle Premium Plus Featured Comment
You want your affiliate link to open in a new window, you will be pasting your affiliate link in there.

If you choose the "website" option, you will be linking it to a page on your website (which is not an affiliate link).

So paste your link in, you will be choosing #1.
SimonKE Premium
Nqween open in New window like Kyle mentioned. If you need more help just yelp!!!
Melissa901 Premium
It looks like Kyle has you but if you need something else holler.