I am just checking, when I click the $ and go to my 'main' link, is that what I would send to a friend to have them sign up as my referral? The link just has abcd type lettering...just wanted to make sure I do it correctly!

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Marley2016 Premium
You could have had this answer in Live Chat your affiliate link you found under the gray $ hopefully you looked under the banners and you would see the "http//xxxxxxxxx" all the x's stand for the link that is exclusively yours that is the link you would give to refer someone to WA.
Best of luck and hope you find this answer helpful :)
MichaelYi Premium
Yes, your main link is fine for referring your friend to WA and you getting credited for them signing up.
ShuiHyen Premium
Your affiliate links should look something like these
merlynmac Premium
Click on your $ or coin looking icon up top here and then you will find it under Program Details or Links & Tracking.