I’m curious to know how many people place a WA link on their websites even if your aren’t promoting WA as a MMO niche. I haven’t done this and I’m thinking I should.
Any thoughts would be helpful.
Thanks and have a fun weekend.

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HildeRegine Premium Plus
I have seen Sites with widgets saying want to learn how to create a site like this? And a link to WA
DianeK59 Premium Plus
You have options, of course. I link it on the right-side column with a couple of other affiliate links. I know some prefer to use it as a banner at the top or bottom of the page.
Newme202 Premium
I do
I put it in my About page
countrylife Premium
I implemented it in my About Me page
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You can include it in the About Me page.

Add a short brief paragraph middle of page or below and include some benefits the Wealthy Affiliate platform can provide.

When someone clicks and signs up, you get a referral.