I have seen this question asked before and answers for it but I still do not see it.

I really appreciate your help on this!

Thank you!!

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Polycount Premium
It's a PDF document, I believe, but look here:
mbouteiller Premium
Thank you....I just looked at it and it says 'The Diamond Traffic Program' with list of amazing keywords and yes the new rules to internet marketing. Very Cool! Thank you!!
Polycount Premium
There was a PDF document somewhere on the site that went into a LOT of detail about SEO, etc. but I honestly can't find it anymore. Maybe the information was outdated. Either way, I thought it was pretty useful. Just do a little more digging around in the search bar up above and see if you can turn up the actual PDF - It'll help you more than that link I gave you.

Wish I could let you know exactly where to find that PDF, but I hope this helps a little at least. The PDF was being offered to people when they stayed past the 7 day free trial to kind of encourage them to stick around, but it was still very useful.