I don't want to waste my time and hard work on a scam, but need to find a long term way to make money. I am enjoying Wealthy Affiliate and just want to be sure.

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MisterWailor Premium
There are some sites which says "Wealthy Affiliate Scam", you can look at those. But most of them will make a conclusion that WA is not scam.
Only people who joined Affiliorama says WA is a scam.
KatieMac Premium
I have been here for two years now and I have learned so much and am building a good business, there is good training and good support for you to follow it is a legitimate opportunity, you would pay more for a college course
BigMook Premium
The fact that you can't find a scam review is a great sign :)
MKearns Premium
You can browse for answers on your ask questions entry in your welcoming dashboard. The community provides answers as well. Basically WA is not certified by the BBB but holds a B or B+ general rating. Kyle answered this question recently and is the best source for detailed specifics. entering a ? will kimmediately bring up a community help alert. Try it.
Boothe Premium
WA may not be BBB registered because it is Canada-based. The BBB is an American organization and I'm not sure how international registration works. Then again, not all businesses registered with the BBB since it isn't always necessary.

WA is definitely not a scam. I've been here for a year and it's fantastic.
charliew57 Premium
Tina, I would suggest visiting Kyle's website http://waystoavoidscamsonline.com/. He not only explains about Wealthy Affiliate but many other opportunities as well. As he says, He is probably the biggest critic of WA, and that should give you the confidence to continue because you know that he is behind it and wants to see it succeed and improve. I've tried a lot of different things online and this is the only place that I have found the training and everything that I have needed to make me an online success.