In the lifer it happens that you need to break for some things. I have been thinking about the web pages (even so I know you can write before and set it in schedule), if you stop, how long time take it till you damage the page a lot?

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Theresaw90 Premium
Don't stress too much. You are allowed a break every now and again.
Martstervt Premium
Interesting topic I haven't given much thought too. It makes me think I better add some content.

Loes Premium
I read stories here about almost forgotten sites, where, out of the blue, commision is earned from. Perhaps you can schedule your existing posts to go to social media, to limit the damage.
Noteboom Premium
Great idea. What I´m worried about is if there are ca 3 weeks between posts. But I haven´t had time to see the lecture from Jay, need to see him in next week.
mijareze Premium
I don't know about that, but sometimes I finish a post add a new post, title it, add tags and publish it. Then it may be a day or 2 before I actually add the content. My posts are ranking well--most of them!