I am a Premium member and only on level 2 of the WA Online Entrepreneur Certification training. I was just wondering- is it possible for me to promote WA and earn commissions right now as a newbie or do I need to go through the Bootcamp Training?

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Fleeky Premium Plus
Sounds excellent!
Just go

Dollar sign in top menu
Or banners
keishalina Premium
hey hi Connie & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Premium!

Yes, absolutely, you can promote WA by using your Main Link via Links & Tracking ... and this is much better described in Bootcamp ...

If your goal is to achieve a consistent, ongoing passive income, it is best to go through the Affiliate Bootcamp training for longer-term success ....

All the best to you for every success, cheerio ... 🌈⭐️🎈
merlynmac Premium
You can start referring people right away if you wish. You'll find your link under the $ coin icon up top in either Program Details or Links & Tracking.