I've been coaching Friends online for Free since 2007 and in the past 3+ years that I have been a member at WA, the amount of Friends that I assist keeps growing daily.

I have always had the philosophy that I don't chase anyone and that I am available to Friends who are indeed putting forth the effort.

I had to laugh earlier today when a person who I've never met asked me via private message on Instagram asked me for my recommendations and for help.

I sent him/her? my link to my main website and the response back was "Can You explain it?"

My response was, "No, I'm in the sharing business and not the explaining business. When You take the time to review the website then have specific questions, I am here and will answer them."

Next reply, "Can You do it for Me?"

My next reply, "Please don't waste my time, go away"

Was I too harsh?

What are your feelings about, what should be expected from a Free Online Coach/Mentor?

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kpercival55 Premium
No! Absolutely not, Tony.
Your time and experience is far too valuable to be spent handholding someone who won’t even make an effort.
I see that even here with folks who won’t take the time to type their question in the search bar but want an immediate and personal explanation.
I’m of the opinion that I don’t want to bother someone who is probably twice as busy as I am unless I have looked everywhere and couldn’t find the answer.
But that’s just me...
SHammons Premium
If you are doing something to help just because you want to and are not asking to be paid, there should be no room for people to be pushy like that.
If someone wants you to do the work for them, you should just ignore them and move on. The assistance that I receive from the posts I read here at WA has been helpful in that it gives me the skills I need to actually do the work myself.
God bless you,
JerryMcCoy Premium
A coach is just that and the person being coached should never expect the coach to do the job for him/her. You have to be accountable to yourself before asking someone to help you. Try to do the work yourself then ask your coach. You must give an honest effort FIRST. If someone asks me to do their work for them they would get a similar answer as the one you gave.
BillandSue Premium
Hi Tony,
You handled that a lot more diplomatically then I would.

I think someone who asks for "coaching" should be respectful of the coach and not be totally stupid.

We all need to learn things but we should put in some effort to absorb the teaching.

Thanks for sharing, Tony.

ChrisShouse Premium
LOL no you were not too harsh you can not aid stupidity unless their English was limited?