My account states I have total earnings of $3.00 and a total of 87 credits. What's the relationship between earning and credits?

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ericcantu Premium Plus
Your credits basically work out to $1 for every 2 credits. They can be cashed out, applied towards your membership, etc. Your earnings can come from Site Comments and other aspects as well.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - are you talking about earnings through Site Comments? Once you have offered 50 comments in 30 days, you are classed as a certified commenter. You can then potentially earn $0.50 for every alternative comment you leave.

I notice you call it "reviews" - don't get Site Comments and Site Feedback mixed up.

As regards Site Comments, you are given a post to read, and should comment on it as if you are a genuine visitor to the website.

You should not pick up on errors or offer criticism of the website. Your comment will be published on the website, so if you are leaving Feedback, it will be disapproved.

If your approval rate drops below 80%, you will be banned from commenting.
YvonneBray Premium
Wow Diane I didn’t realise that dropping below 80 per cent can affect your commenting. It’s good to know.
AbieAJ Premium Plus

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