Hi I don't know how to do this I could use a hand, how can I start earning money?

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MarionBlack Premium
Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that will teach you how to create a website and build a business. This video will help you find your way around the platform.
GeoffreyC1 Premium
The only way is to follow the training.
karema24 Premium
Have you gone through the training as yet?
No I don't know what is it for what am I training for
keishalina9 Premium
hey hi Eythar & welcome to Wealthy Affiliate starter!

Good question and all questions are good ones here....

Suggest you get rolling on the step by step training to Success here by clicking on the blue link to get moving onward ...

Enjoy the amazing WA journey .... cheerio .... :)
megawinner Premium
Welcome, Eythar! Glad to meet you here.

Take the free training as soon as possible. Search the Wealthy Affiliate. It is simply the best platform for learning affiliate marketing and online business as a whole. You will do well if you take the first sentence of my advice seriously. Cheers. Florentino