I finally decided on y niche but before that I start the boot camp. Where do I go from here,

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

Great that you have decided on a niche, perhaps you'd like to share with us if wanting further help dissecting it. We would be much obliged.

However, we always recommend starting out with own niche vs the Affiliate Bootcamp (make money online niche) as the latter is a lot harder and more competitive, you would need to write 300 to 400 articles before you are able scratch the surface. (vs. 100 articles own niche)

You'd also need to do the whole Bootcamp in its entirety before you can commence with your site.

Recommendation is to focus on ONE niche at a time, even Kyle himself would recommend the same.

To learn more
AbieAJ Premium Plus
A good place to start is the Online Entrepreneur Certification training, that can be found by clicking training tab top menu and choosing the first option the OEC. Starting out it is better to focus on adding | building content addressing issues in relation to your niche, as it is the bulk of our sites.

Essentially you are writing more informational posts so that you do not sound so salesy to Google and if there’s a solution, a detailed analysis review post for your visitors to let them make an informed decision whether to go click your links and go purchase the focused item you proposed to solve their issue.

You may consult with https://answersocrates.com/ for further research into finding a subcategory starting out. You can search what real people are asking as in Questions, Prepositions, Comparisons, in the past, letters and query. It is also great if someone wants to write a thorough research based article.

Hope this helps.
jghwebbrand Premium
Just in case you need some more new niche ideas,
here they are.

Ideas For A Niche In Case You Have Not Chosen Yours Yet

How To Find Your Passion
If have no niche ideas here are some things to think about
list of 3000 niches How I Research a New Niche (by Jay)
jghwebbrand Premium
If you wish to check your niche with some niche tips.

here is some additional help when choosing a niche.

A niche is something you feel super excited to write about, a skill you have attained, something that resonates with you. You will want to be focused on one niche. What is it that you want to help a group of people with or what problem do you want to help them solve (group could be age, gender, location, experience level, degree or type of need, etc.)

A niche is not a product, it's a subject that you can help a target audience with. Remember, you are not setting up a shop (store), you will be writing lots of articles about your niche to help your targeted audience.

The importance of a targeted audience is that It's always better to target a specific niche with a specific solution to problems.

Kyles asks us to complete this statement.
'i want to help ____(group) with ______(problem)'

For example. I like camping and what to help campers buy the right equipment to make their camping experience more pleasant and safe.

Camping is a very broad topic with a lot of competition so to eliminate some competition in the beginning so the website has a chance to grow, the focus needs to be a smaller scope. For example essential camping equipment for beginners. I can talking about camping, my experiences, what I have learned about camping, and how I have found good equipment and what I believe is the best equipment. Once the website is established and has a good volume, its scope can be expanded to include other things camping related. This is just an example.

Learn Questions People Ask About Your Niche.
Use tools like the following to see questions you can address for your niche.
https://soolve.com https://answersocrates.com https://usetopic.com/people-also-ask and Google search scroll down and find "People also ask section" or use Quora.com
Why should you narrow your niche when first starting?
The key to getting started fast is to narrow your niche down to a specific topic. This way, you will eliminate a lot of competition and get results much faster. Once your site is established and you are getting traffic you can expand your niche scope.

Here are a couple of blogs on narrowing and expanding a niche.
How to narrow a niche down How To Expand Your niche later Once a site starts gaining traction, traffic and authority you can then scale to cover another subcategory.
jghwebbrand Premium
Glad you have decided on your b=niche, If your niche is related to promoting WA or making money online the Affiliate Bootcamp training is appropriate. If y9u chose a personal niche then the Online Entrepreneur Certification training is more appreciate.

Which niche type did you choose: WA or a personal niche.

If WA is your niche you can proceed here. If Affiliate Marketing is your niche you can proceed here. Please be aware that choosing your own niche may be a wiser choice if you know something about your niche because you will be writing a lot of posts 1000 words or longer.
richardgb Premium
Hi Gwendolyn
The OEC is designed for you to start from the very beginning and fits well for a niche other than Make Money Online niche.