I understand I can join as free starter member. I am concerned that If I decide to become a premium member and later have to cancel my premium membership will all my work be lost and would I have to start all over again?

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Rich908 Premium
Many thanks to all who responded to my question
GuyfromNB Premium
It's a very legit question Richard. I had been in other monthly fees platforms before, and it was kind of the same thing. I think there is always the possibility to transfer your site from WA to another hosting company. But it can sound scary when you never done that.

When I joined WA, I was kinda aware of that. I had the same question you had. So it's good that you asked it.
judebanks Premium
Premiums can cancel subscription at any time in account settings. Do so before the expiry date of that monthly or yearly subscription because otherwise it will auto bill and there are no refunds. The no-refund policy is clearly spelled out in the terms of service.

To cancel billing: go here:

Scroll down to Subscription Settings. Select "Membership" and follow the prompts. You will see the Cancel Billing Link under your avatar and details.

Best to contact Kyle or Carson by private message well before the subscription expiry date if you have any other questions.


Generally speaking, a Premium member can cancel and return to WA by logging in to their cancelled account, making the payment from that point on, which will re-activate the subscription, and continue where they left off. If they had an owned domain website and did not move it out, Site Support will recover it on request for up to 6 months after leaving.

I agree with Wendy, it is important to do your own backups anyway.

If the website is on a paid domain, you will have 30 days to back it up and/or move it to another hosting service. If it is on Siterubix dot com, best to use the WP import/export tool to backup the content because free sub domains cannot be moved to other hosting but the content can be uploaded elsewhere. ~Jude
Rich908 Premium
Excellent feedback - Thank you

JerryMcCoy Premium
No. You can suspend your account until you are in a better place to be able to work on your site and business. If you suspend your account then what you are actually doing is putting your business on hold.
Good luck,
DBlanchard Premium
Wendy has got it! She has explained very well all of the facts to consider.
globaltrca Premium
If you do not see yourself making it through the first year without putting a lot of time and effort in with little return you will most likely fail.
Starting a business and becoming established takes time but if you stay with it and keep improving you will eventually see results.

Wealthy Affiliate is no different than any other opportunity you take on. If you do not have the patience to get through the growing pains you will potentially lose all you have worked for.

Having said that we have a great support group here to give you the very best chance at survival, all my best!

wendyg53 Premium
That's an excellent question. There are things you can do to have your websites hosted elsewhere if the need arises. So if your work is on your websites, you can certainly copy them and move them. Websites should be backed up on your computer anyway.

I am a big believer in backups and you should always have backups of your content in the cloud on Gmail and Google Docs.

You will lose all the perks of the training and the community.

I am one of those people that likes the convenience of everything in one place at WA. So it would never occur to me to leave. There's too much value here.

You will pay the same thing if you buy domains elsewhere and have them hosted elsewhere. You will also have all the extra headaches that come with mediocre site support from companies that are only marginally invested in your success. Unlike at WA where everyone has your back.
JerryMcCoy Premium
great points to make