My website is now about 2 weeks old and I didn't even realize when it got Google indexed.

But I also found that my domain name had been used previously by someone else. Does that matter?

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grampamike Premium
Hi again, to be indexed means Google has looked at your site and decided where to place your site or web page in the Google search results.

Indexing changes over time. You start low and increase in rank as your site becomes more popular as well as how long your site has been online. It's possible to be indexed high even with a 0 page rank.

One of my web pages jumped from number 7 to number 4 recently. The page has been online for years. I think the page has had more traffic so Google decided to reward me with a higher page rank.

I don't think Google or other search engines would hold it against you for using a previously owned domain name. If Google looks at your content and likes it then your domain name will be associated by Google as a legitimate website worthy of indexing.

There is such a thing as a Google black list. Someone has taken a domain name and used it for identity theft or spamming. I wouldn't worry about that though. If your site statistics shows little traffic and page rank over the next 12 months then you could always move your content to a new domain name as a last resort.

Don't lose sleep about Google's black list. I have never run into it and I have used lots of domain names.

Hope that helps ... GrampaMike
filbs71 Premium
Google indexed means that you are ranking on Google pages when someone searches for your website you are now indexed (on) google
suetay Premium
Hi Vicky, thank you! :)
filbs71 Premium
Hi ya your welcome