Im looking to get some feedback to add as testimonial. I would like to get some feedback from the Wealthy Affiliate Community?

  1. Why did you join Wealthy Affiliate?
  2. What is you favorite part in Wealthy Affiliate?
  3. Are you a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate?
  4. Why did you become a Premium Member?
  5. Has Wealthy Affiliate helped you in your communications skills?
  6. How would you recommend Wealthy Affiliate to any one interested?

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lindaw Premium
I have been a Premium Member since day four of my Free Trial. I know we are all in agreement that without WA and the Community we would not be doing what we are doing today.
Staying home with my family was just one reason for me Joining, financial freedom was another. I never expected to add so many wonderful people to my new family, My WA Family. What a Blessing you have all been.
My recommendation would depend on the person. If I am just planting the seed and they are just hearing about WA for the first time, I don't go into information over load. I just let them know that there is a Real Program out there that can, will and does help them succeed.
Ultimately, It is all up to them.
That reminds me of the old saying, You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.
I remind myself daily, that not everyone has the determination and dedication it takes to put the knowledge from WA to good use. It takes special people who want success.
sag3 Premium
Thank You everyone for the great answers and responses. I am looking forward to sharing more as we go along this journey. WA has change some things in my life for the better. I am looking to the future and it looks brighter every day.
I really love everything we are learning. But the best thing I truly love is the community support and assistance. I have never seen this in any other program/platform. The others may say they help, when the truth is you only get added help if you invest more.
WA is the leader in affiliate training for ANY newbie.

Thank You again for your responses.. :-)
CarlaIves Premium
You've gotten tons. All good stuff!
PhyllisE1 Premium
I love the WA family and I'm so happy to be a part of it. I joined because I wanted an online business. I went premium before my trial period was over and I recommend WA to anyone who wants to start a business of their own and receive the great training that I am getting. They have helped me with communication skills as well as many other skills. I ask God's blessings on Kyle, Carson, and all the WA family.
Loes Premium
Why did you join Wealthy Affiliate?
It was a free trial, I really didnot know what to expext.
What is you favorite part in Wealthy Affiliate?
The community, the people here.
Are you a Premium Member of Wealthy Affiliate?
I decided the go primium before my trail periode was over.
Why did you become a Premium Member?
It felt so good to be here. (I am a belly listener)
Has Wealthy Affiliate helped you in your communications skills?
It helped me with all kind of skills. F.i.It helpt me with beautiful video lessons to developpe my website, all the ins- and outs what's involved, it helpt me to show my thoughts and work to the world, overcome shyness, it connect me with the most kind people all over the world.
How would you recommend Wealthy Affiliate to any one interested?
I found something what could be something for you, you can try it out for free, look and see for yourself, If it's something you be thankful, if it's nothing, no strings attached, I love it, and learned a lot.
peter65 Premium
I joined WA, because I want an online business that could earn me some money.
My favourite part for now is the WA bootcamp.
Yes, I am a premium member.
I become a premium member, because I want to learn and make my online business come to pass.
WA has helped my communication skills as I am involved in discussions within the community.
I would recommend WA to those interested, as a place where you can learn a lot about online business/marketing with lots of learning tools and resources, and its fun.
taylormarie2 Premium
Love it :) I am learning so much and I am loving the community .
cookma54 Premium
Training for newbies down to a science.
jazminf Premium
1.I joined WA to learn internet marketing from the best in the business.
2. My favorite part of WA is the training and best community in the world. I've made a lot of friends from all over the world. Awesome!
3. I am a premium member
4. I became a premium member because if you truly want to be successful, premium is the only way to go. much more benefits going premium.
5. Yes, I believe my communication skills have improved a great deal, Before joining WA i was always afraid to write. I think my writing skills have gotten better.
6. i would recommend WA to anyone who is serious about Internet Marketing, Like i said it's the best training in the world. And if you already have a business your gonna take that business too a new level. You cant go wrong unless you don't put the work in.
kholmes Premium
I so enjoy this site, looked for 3 years for something so awesome. Designing my website has been lots of fun and brings out my own creativity.
I am a Premium member, I chose this because I knew I would get the best training and assistance from the community members if I had problems or questions.
As far as communication, I was always pretty good with that being a past business owner and Parts Manager.
I would recommend WA completely and would hope that many others choose the Premium membership, really is the best route to go.

And thank you for asking, hope this helps you out.

Kind Regards,
Kim Holmes