There seems to be a new feature on the WA dashboard. I can see my WA affiliate program stats, and it seems I have received 32 clicks on my content. What does it mean? I don't promote WA on my website. So, do the clicks mean clicks on my blog posts here in WA? Thanks in advance!

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Kiranoppa Premium
Thank you for the replies for everyone. I was aware you get credit as the referrer if someone signs up to WA through my content.

I was surprised, though, that my content in WA has actually received clicks. Because not all my blog posts in WA are necessarily well optimized for SEO. But this makes me think maybe I should optimize them more, if even now I'm getting some clicks.
StephenThiam Premium
Thanks for your question. I learned something today.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Yes, and it is AWESOME, Kirsti!

JohnAitken1 Premium
It is great to have more information as to what kind of following you are getting from WA.