I get a lot of emails from people who live in African countries, wanting to find ways to make money online.

From a practical perspective, they tend to have broken English and very limited funds. However, their passion and drive for wanting to succeed online is not dampened, which is great.

However, blogging is probably not the best route for them as most of them have poor grammar and writing skills - not their fault obviously, but no reason why they can't take a different path. Blogging is only one of many ways to make it online.

However, what can I promote to them? Does anyone know any good affiliate programs, CPA offers, training modules which would be suitable for this demographic?

I want to help them but I want something that will actually give them value. I never promote something unless I know they stand a good chance of getting results from a product.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



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ladyluck2013 Premium
Hi Phillip,
Here are a few brainstorming ideas I came up with:

1. My suggestion to you would be to ask them if they have a talent or skill in making a particular African product, such as creating African musical instruments or jewelry, or cooking several African dishes. If the answer is yes, then maybe they could create YouTube videos that show other people their craft skills.The videos could then be monetized by selling their products online.
2. Perhaps they can be taught to be affiliate marketers--sell someone else's product, such as:
Wealthy Affiliate--they do not have to create a blog, just learn how to sell WA memberships and get paid
3. Kyle has a video on how to find relevant affiliate programs--here is the link I think this link is for Premium members, so a free WA member only has access to it for the first 7 days of membership

Hope this helps,
Cathy Ling Premium
Introduce them to Jumia Affiliate Program. It's the Amazon marketplace of the African continent.

skandy85 Premium
Nice one! I did not know about this one. Will look into it.
LLuscher1 Premium
Didn't know that, good suggestion.