Website comments, disapprove or approve?

I recently had a WA review written then paid for and requested 40 comments, 20 right away then 20 spread out over 7 days.

The first comments were great then ...........

I won't share who, as most I have no idea who they are.

Read the "Comments" below then please share with me if you would Approve, Disapprove, edit myself or somehow take the time to track down the members and ask for an edit.

If you would edit, how would you edit them?

1) I'm very impressed you went in all out on your review on wealthy affiliate and i have to say I was a little skeptical about joining this platform at first, so the point where you talk about outsiders talking about wealthy affiliate as a scam site was not totally a lie, I am a new member on wealthy affiliate and i can say the training is second to none in the online affiliate world, the community is unique as well as the training. They simply cleared my doubt with all wealthy affiliate offers.

2) Hello Tony,

As a newbie in affiliate marketing I have to confirm there is a lot of different platforms, which promise quick revenue, even after few clicks for creating a profile, only for approximately 40 USD you can be rich right away - so the question is - if it is not a scam, why on earth aren't we all rich already?:) I believe this is the question every beginner should ask himself and especially in case something like that requires quite a big fee for being premium member etc.

Luckily, there is a Wealthy affiliate as the gold mine of training, support and very reasonable premium member fee with some many features, that I would start believing in God eventually. Means, there is finally not some lier about how to get rich right away, but some legit way, honest and kind, which teach you how to work hard on your website.

Great review of yours, I appreciate your honesty here, I am glad you find Wealthy affiliate as a great platform the same way as me! I did not regret a second since my first monthly premium membership payment.

All the best

3) Hi,
Your review of Wealth Affiliate thoroughly examines both the Opportunity presented and it being a scam. Your style is welcoming, easy to resonate with, and draws me in. The idea that Wealthy Affiliate is not an overnight success but is a long-term great business is equally well presented. This page/post is a keeper! Great work.

4) Ibelong to a Wealthy Affiliate as a premium member. This article is very informative and to be honest. As a satisfied member of Wealthy Affiliate, I can vouch for the accuracy of all of your statements. There are so many aspects of Wealthy Affiliate that it is impossible to highlight all that is available within this supportive community. But rather a learning platform to become successful with patience and training. As an example, they recently added a platform to allow members to find and select Affiliate Programs suitable for their interests. Website design, keyword Search, Website Hosting and technical support, and much more. You can try it for free!

Shortcuts do not exist other than in the promotion of people selling get rich schemes. It’s great that your website motives people to find other ways of learning. The way you laid it out in short video clips is perfect and informative. It is easy to read and your pics are great it’s like they take you to more details.

5) Hi Tony Lee, this is a very well written review if ever I've seen one. I love how you show how it could come across as a scam for anyone doing research and finding a high amount of positive reviews. I have found however, through my own experience that it's very much up to you personally as to how successful you will be in any business. It also takes patience, which not many people have unfortunately. It also takes persistence for your website to grow. I really enjoyed reading this review, as you have a very natural way of writing, while also clear steps that can be used to help increase one's chance to succeed. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and easy reading style, love it!

6) Tony, good job with thus Wealthy Affiliate review. You pointed out and clarified several sticking point that people may have. I lime the way that you explained that building an affiliate marketing business is the same a building any other legitimate business, requiring training, knowledge, consistent action, experimentation, embrace the daily failure, resilience and a lot of patience. If a person can form all these habits financial success will surely come their way.

7) Wheather Wealthy affiliate is a scam or not depends on the motive behind our signup. So many beginners that I have seen joined wealthy affiliate just because of the force marketing strategy that was used to lure them in. This is done for refferal bonus sake. It is very sad to see that ,only few reshaped their mindset and move on to tap the Wealthy affiliate goodies. The rest are either discouraged or backout when they couldn't see what their upline promise. The platform is legit but not a place for people very tasty to get their credit paid within few weeks they joined.

8) A useful review of WA. As I'm already a premium member I already know it's not a scam, but reading some of the comments in the discussions of the training, it does seem that some people are signing up without understanding that it's not a Get Rich Quick scheme. I would maybe separate the idea of a "scheme" from a "scam" because I think they're slighty different things. A scam is totally non-legit and fraudulent, whereas a scheme might well be totally legal but unlikely to make money for the vast majority of people. Here in the UK there's a (very) subtle difference between a pyramid scheme, which is simply illegal, and multi-level marketing (MLM), which is legal but fails to generate an appreciable income for most of the people who sign up for it.

I think your "Final Verdict" is excellent and wonder whether the first paragraph of that might work more effectively as the opening paragraph of the article. Obviously I don't know what keywords you're targetting but it's just a thought.

Overall, a well thought out and useful article for someone looking for a way in to Affiliate Marketing, thank you.

Of the above 8 "Comments" which one(s) would you Approve, Disapprove and/or edit and if you would edit, how would you edit?

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FKelso Premium
Whew! Editing those would be a bit of a job! That being said, I tend to bend over backwards to approve comments, though I will make grammatical corrections. I've never asked for that many comments at once, so don't have any past experience to draw upon.

Number 7 is pretty negative and number 8 has added some feedback. Glad it is your decision as to how to deal with them.
ashdew Premium
OSegun Premium
Hi Tony,

Many thanks for letting me in to your world on this matter. I see it as training by other method because, I learnt at least one thing here. How not to comment.

2. Well, I personally think comments should be personal opinion of the commentator. Because of that, I will adjust the grammar (carefully not to tamper with the message) and allow.

Wishing you well.

Selenityjade Premium
Okay, anything offering feedback, I would disapprove, like talking about keywords etc. If it just has grammar mistakes, I edit spelling and punctuation, but I never rewrite comments ever, it's not very ethical. But spelling I fix then approve.
Selenityjade Premium
And telling someone they like your writing is not necessarily feedback -_-. I tell that to people all the time in blogs I visit.

Otherwise, I always approve anything that obviously took the time read it. I'm not looking to manipulate my comments and force fake interest. Even mediocre comments can be helpful to your viewers to build trust.
Emmitthoeft Premium
I think some people are confused about feedback. Most of the comment content is feedback i would disapprove
TheJimB Premium
I’d edit a few for grammar, that’s all. Otherwise, I’d approve them all. As was recently pointed out to me, if all your comments are rave reviews, the GoogleBots are going to get suspicious.