So, we always see that plane and the number beneath it. Number of premium referrals to WA, to get qualified, right?

But what does that number mean? New sales in a given year, or including the existing premium members in our team?

There may be an explanation about that here, but I feel quite lazy to look for it below the heaps of posts.

I'd like to hear directly from you guys.

Just curious, as I have left this place for almost a year, I wasn't able to achieve my initial goal of joining you there. (lol)

Cheers! :)

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Shwni Premium
The 100 referrals you need to get are only till a certain date which is soon i believe, but yes, it means if you get that many premium sign ups then you get to join them in Vegas.
Its normally 300 for the year though and it is a yearly amount you have to get
GomMagtibay Premium
Okay, thanks. We're in for a tough challenge. lol
MarionBlack Premium
It's 300 new premium members in a calendar year (January to December) or 100 new premium members in the last third of the year. Existing premium members don't count :(
GomMagtibay Premium
Oh, that's tough. Always in need of new premium recruits for here. But don't worry, I like it. Because, it also means, more revenue!

Thanks, Marion! All the best! :)