I need to fix some stuff in my website but I am not IT savvy! should I hire an expert to help me?

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MarionBlack Premium
Your website looks fine. What makes you think that you need to "fix" it? You could try a different theme that is mobile responsive and that may be enough to solve the problems you think you are having. You are a premium member of WA and you are on the way to becoming your own expert. Tackle each issue one step at a time. First update your theme then, if you still have problems, deal with them one at a time. ~Marion
adaba063 Premium
if I saw the things that you want to fix correctly
- render blocking javascript
- optimize CSS delivery for mobile

these are advanced topics, you may want to consider checking out wordpress.org and join in the forums over there

as for the mobile issue, that maybe more theme related so that may be the best place to start

hope this helps
IMc Premium
The things you need to fix probably aren't that complicated. But they aren't easy because Wordpress is new to you. So, it's just a matter of taking time & learning how to do things either through this site or any WP beginner site. The same as you'd learn any new skill.

Better to teach yourself rather than rush to pay someone as soon as the smallest thing goes wrong or needs changing.
mwilly Premium
If we at the WA community can't help you, tech support will, they are God sent. They know there business.
Chris2005 Premium
The things you need to "fix" should be address one at a time so you will not be overloaded. You are your own IT solution. Ask one question at a time on the subject you are having trouble with. Someone will answer with the solution or steer you in the right direction. Use the system here at WA first. You will learn from all of this and teach it someday.
raymakar Premium
Thanks Chris.....I search for answers in WA and I didn't find any or I found some answers in Chinese, I mean very hard for me to understand....but I will do what you suggest .....
1- How to render blocking javascript and how to optimize CSS delivery to fix mobile performance?
LisB247 Premium
Hi raymakar, I would put a ticket into support for these problems. You will find this under the pale blue tab to your left 'build your websites here' tab.

Or you could change your theme because it could be a bug in the theme you are using which is causing you so many problems.

raymakar Premium
Thanks Lis. this is a good idea. I will put a ticket