I found a site noted above that links to various affiliates. Does anyone have any comment about this site and whether it is safe going through them?
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VenaS Premium
I am an affiliate of Share a Sale. I had no difficulty signing up and have not yet incorporated their links. Hope to do so soon.
ngraddon Premium
Thanks all for the great comments.
Kathy331 Premium
I use Share a Sale and they are one of my favourites to use. Plenty of programmes to choose from and easy to make custom links. :)
pinkabella Premium
It is safe and there are a lot of affiliate marketers that use it and recommend it. I personally haven't used yet but I do intend to. I am a newbie so I am just adding content at the moment.
NS4701 Premium
I use ShareASale.
Haven't had any issues. Though, I set up a completely new bank account to mitigate any issues.
They have a lot of websites you can affiliate for. So it might be useful to sign up. (You don't have to enter any banking info when you sign up, so you can see what they offer first.)