Hi Guys,
Hope all is well and you, the US members had a good and peaceful “Thanksgiving”

Kyle sent an email to me saying that my Black Friday yearly membership would automatically be debited, and would be grandfathered to the previous old rate. I didn’t have to do a thing (unless I wanted to canx) I obviously don’t want to canx.
So far nothing has been debited from my account! Should I be concerned?

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BrightSales Premium
I think you shouldn't be worried too much about that friend. W.A. will make the transaction on the actual date of your membership. You probably will not see that right away. That depends on your financial institution or bank. So, let's say this weekend was your renewal day. You'll most likely see that transaction on Monday night or Tuesday morning. All the best!
keishalina Premium
hey hi Cordelia!

Sounds like it's all ok -- see that your renewal is slated for May each year?

If yes, and you're already 'grandmothered' in ... then there's no action required at this time ...

Of course, payments can always be made ahead of time and it'll be credited going forward ...

keep well, all the best... :)
CordeliaN Premium
Thanks Keisha 👍
lesabre Premium
Hi Cordelia, as long as you got that e-mail from Kyle you are good. Sometimes they wait for the duration of your paid membership to run out before they do the debit.
If this is a concern perhaps just shoot Kyle an e-mail and get the credit detucted from your payment.

AlexEvans Premium
Hi Cordelia it may pay to check that your billing details are up to date, when the platform switched over in some instances billing information was dropped.

Click on your image top right hand corner

Account settings

Subscription up date your billing details.
CordeliaN Premium
Now that really is a good idea, I will do just that 👍
LMH1968 Premium Plus
As long as the card you used is still valid, the payment will be taken automatically.