If I were a professional unable to satisfy the ranking requirements, would it affect my business?

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3dandelions Premium
I think it depends on if you are only an online business, not employing other methods of obtaining clients/customers such as word-of-mouth, referrals, networking, external marketing and sales (cold calls/visits, sales staff).
DEversley Premium
For a web-based business, good ranking means that people are finding your site via SEO, paid traffic or SM etc... spending time, and engaging.
To sell by means of a website, being found by practical keywords (traffic) is "key." From which a mailing-list is critical for future interaction with visitors. With a good subscriber list, new traffic may not even be that important anymore to get repeat business.

We still must pursue traffic though as we want to maintain good SEO practices and reach as many as possible. This is necessary for good ranking also.

Without doing all the necessary things above to generate traffic, a mailing-list can't be had.

fiftysomethi Premium
Good question. I've been getting a message that my content isn't unique. I'm nit quite sure how to correct that within my respective niche. I rhink our issues are similar.
akollor123 Premium
I don't think so, given you you can generate business from other success and offline !