I am curious about the 12% or 1 in 8 premium conversion rate statistic that is provided on the program stats page... is this number based on ALL referrals, or referrals that actually complete the account set up process?

When I calculate my conversion rate from starter to sign up including everyone, even the ones that don't complete the set-up process, the conversion is less than 5% ... However, if I only include the conversions from complete account set ups to premium, then the rate is 20%...

Just curious what this average statistic is based on and if I'm way lower than I'm supposed to be! Would appreciate some input!

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Mark Tait Premium
Hi Wendy - yeah, unfortunately a lot of people walk around, and kick the tyres, say they'll be back with their cheque book, and you never see them again.

To be honest, it's probably a good thing that happens. The people that want to be here, will stay. Those that are just kicking the tyres, could end up taking up so much of your time, looking for you to justify why they should sign-up, and you know that they just aren't genuinely interested.

I've helped a huge number of people with a program I offer (not inside WA), and invested a LOT of time in helping them get setup, for them to just walk away. Sometimes the investment is worth it, but more often than not - if they don't "get it" they will never "get it". I'm sure the people who sign-up, but don't go on to complete their profile etc - just don't get it, or aren't genuinely interested - and you maybe shouldn't spend time chasing them to try and persuade them (if indeed you do).

All the best, Mark
wendyjane Premium
No no, I'm not wasting time chasing those that aren't interested. I realize there is only so much you can do and then there comes a point at which you're just being pushy and it can become a major turn off. I know, the ones that are truly interested will sign up!
nathaniell Premium Plus
I've asked Kyle this before and I'm pretty sure he said that it was of TOTAL referrals. Don't quote me on that though
12 percent of referrals more or less become premium members. Word-for-word from the stats page,

"Conversion Rate
1 in 8
Over 12% of
People go Premium"
BrokFTJFH Premium
I am not positive, but I have to agree with steveo5770 it almost has to be out of the people who fill out their profile
steveo5770 Premium
I'm sure it must be based on the number of people who take the time to set up their profile. Like you, the majority who accept my invitations don't bother.