Hello WA friends. I am just starting phase 3 of boot camp and I am enjoying it greatly.
My question is when I set up my accounts for my site, should I use my name (or pen name?) as the account or should I use the website's name for the account?
Such as Luminous Outlook. I really do not use social media so I don't have followers on a personal account. And advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all in advance....Jerry

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jghwebbrand Premium
We use a Pen name for privacy reasons.
DivineGood Premium
Hello Jerry,

For me, I am using my own name
and for others maybe not.

Whatever you feel comfortable
with that will serve your readers
better, just do that.


yogini88 Premium
Your social media account should definitely be related to your website and your niche. Other than that, the name should be up to you. It might be simplest to just use your website name.