I have published a few posts some though ste contents and some through wordpress. When you publish through wordpress does WA still let you know when you content gets indexed? The only post i get info about are the ones i post through WA content and it show the published and indexed icon

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LMH1968 Premium
Publish through Site content for Index notifications and add media and links in Wordpress
EmakAmelia Premium
Hi there,

Yes, if you publish your post via the Site Content, you'll get notified by an email from WA that your content is indexed by Google.
If you would like to make sure your post has indexed or not, you can go to Website - Site Content - Published. Check out the G symbol under each post, if they are colored, that means the post is indexed, if it stays grey, that means the post isn't indexed yet. You can try to click on the greyed G symbol, if it turns colored then it gets indexed. Otherwise, you can always request for indexing via Google Search Console.

All the best,
JKulk1 Premium
Unfortunately that's the way it works. WordPress and the WA platform are seperate entities. Jim