I'm confused...

I see many post saying such and such country is banned. For instance, I see post stating that Nigeria is banned...

(I see this in WA and outside of WA)

Countries Banned From Wealthy Affiliate - Official Message from Carson

The problem is I see premium members from those same so called banned coutries saying that they are active members here.

Can anyone tell me what coutnires if any are actually not allowed to join?

Or all countries allowed?

I see many confusing post and no accurate answers.

Someone please help...thank you in advance.....

have a great day..


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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
Hey Lakisha,

Great question. To clarify, country restrictions are on the STARTER membership. Users from these countries can create PREMIUM accounts and they are offered that opportunity upon joining.

Also, may be some folks who are from these countries with "Starter" memberships as they joined through servers in other areas of the world, while they are traveling or visiting family in a non-restricted country.

Either way, everyone is welcome at WA. However, we limit access to the Starter membership from some countries where we have experienced significant fraud and gaming of the WA platform.

Hope this helps,

Generalinfo Premium Plus
Thank you for that answer Carson....makes it easier for us all to have knowledge so we can all help educate one another. you da man!
lakbar12 Premium
Hey Carson,

Thank you so much for your help!

I never realized limitations was on starter membership only but, now I understand where my confusion was.

I just want to make sure I'm giving out the proper information. I really appreciate your informative reply. I think this will help us all out.
davehayes Premium
There you go an answer from the owner
Dhind1 Premium
Great question and thanks for the answer from Carson.
Generalinfo Premium Plus
I do not know the answer to that question but I will find out for you and get back to you as soon as I know.
lakbar12 Premium
Thank you, so much for your help
JoeRebisz Premium
Some from like Nigeria join, but do it using a VPN and therefore, not showing where they're actually from. I've seen it too.
lakbar12 Premium
Oh that makes sense, thank you