How can I get a refund for a mistake my debit card bank made. Paying for my annual dues 4 times instead of just once.

My card was originally declined and I just kept repeating the transaction thinking it would go through and then my bank sent out an alert asking if the charge was valid and I said yes. They then let all 4 attempts go through.

How can I get a refund for 3 of those charges?

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Alan Hocking Premium
You can contact Kyle or Carson here

Choose "Billing" in the category dropdown
smartketeer Premium
Kosovari2019 Premium
Greetings to you
I do not believe that this server
the website allows 4 times to pay
for your annual payments if
this is happening please contact Kyle
for more information
Gordon-D Premium
I'm surprised you haven't heard from Carson, they must know you have oversubscribed. Get in touch with site support and ask them to forward your complaint to Carson, he will sort it out for you.