Hello WA members,

In a about a month after getting my first sale, I got sale #2. This just goes to show you that persistence and perseverance with WA do eventually pay off. For those of you who are new to WA or have been with WA and have not yet made a sale, DON'T GIVE UP. Success comes to those who wait.

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gru14001 Premium
Woot woot! That is so motivating, and congratulations!!
I am just now starting to drive unique visitors to my website and that simple thing is making me so excited! I can't imagine making a sale yet, that would be just awesome.
I am so happy for you, thanks for the tips :)
KeithWilhelm Premium
Congratulations LadyLuck. I am so excited myself about making my first sale and then my 100th sale because I want to go to Las Vegas and at that point there will absolutely be no question that I can quit my day job.
Keep up the awesome work.
P.S. I just started following you because I can see you are making it.
theresroth Premium
This is fantastic!
I bet it was someone you took the time to communicate with on your site, in my experience, I'm more likely to buy from someone I've shared thoughts on a thread with, it gives that little extra boost to the decision.....
However it happened, Congratulations, and may this be the Start of a positive sales avalanche for you!☺

Susieq57 Premium
This is really great! This gives me hope, more than anything else that this is coming from a real person that made it work. I am about to publish my first website, and I am, scared half to death! thank you for this ray of sunshine! Best of continued success.
nevrob Premium
Well what do you know your name says it all Lady luck. Sorry i did not know of this program in 2013 when you got started i could have saved my self well over $6,000 but you live and learn.I believe i am now in the right place. Just got started last week and i am going to use you as my example.Thanks.