Hello WA members,

In a about a month after getting my first sale, I got sale #2. This just goes to show you that persistence and perseverance with WA do eventually pay off. For those of you who are new to WA or have been with WA and have not yet made a sale, DON'T GIVE UP. Success comes to those who wait.

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MiaLambert Premium

I almost gave up on my affiliate bootcamp website. I was creating it for 8 months. I was a little bit slow because I was working another job.
I didn't touch my website for two months and was ready to give it up, and then I noticed that people started signing to WA and Jaaxy through my affiliate links. No premiums yet, but they will come.

The moral of this story is just keep writing good content.
GauravGaur Premium
All the Best Mia. Wish you success.
MiaLambert Premium
Thank you!
lakbar12 Premium
Hi ladyluck! Congratulations on your sale...This is Excellent news and I am excited for you. I can not wait to see these days, I just started so, I just overall excited but again great job!
Very encouraging and I won't give up..Have an awesome week!

To your success
GhostH1 Premium
When I do manage to get my first one I will probably take a picture of the statement and put it in a shadow box kind of like a business with the first dollar hopefully that will help would be more profitable. Lol just kidding but I will save it.
melindac Premium
Congratulations! That is wonderful! I'm 19 days into wealthy affiliate and feeling a bit overwhelmed without. It seems like there is so much that needs to be done before I'll ever make my first sale. I'm glad that you made one and let us know about how long it took you to start making sales! Best wishes to you!
MarkHOhio Premium
I feel the same way.. stay positive been 2 months for me
RitaAnn Premium
There is NO get rich quick thing out there that is legal. When you follow simple priciples and lessons, you'll find that things will pick up and work for you nicely. Don't get discouraged. Chin up. I did some things online when my children were young, so I know what works.

zucko212 Premium
Good it proves it does work when you hear of stories like this. Perseverance is the key, I'm the type that can give up, well I use to be like that. This is my last chance and I'm going to push myself to the end. I know it will work, we are just going to get square eyes doing it, being on computers a long time.
Mikepawlik Premium
This is fantastic. I am so so happy to hear about your success and please do keep posting! Myself and probably every other newbie on here needs to hear things like this so we can continue to keep going and not lose hope.

Could you provide a link to your site so I can have a look at it? I'd love to see it!
LunaDStryke Premium
I made a miniscule sale myself recently for PPC and I'm happy to use those links more than anything, but still pays out commission if someone buys. But not having much luck with Amazon Affiliates. I'm using a few places depending on my product I'm using/referring for but it's a nice feeling! :) CONGRATS Ladyluck2013!!!!
TheDummyOfWA Premium
Awesome!! Way to go! :) I've been a premium member in WA for just a few days, and love it already, got my first 2 referrals in the same day, but only as free members! Excited to get my first sale :)..Can I ask where you advertise? I advertise through the Facebook make money online groups for now!
NevilleV Premium
Wow! Well done
TheDummyOfWA Premium
Thank you very much :) I'm really enjoying working with the Affiliate Bootcamp! :)
MirandaGordo Premium
HOLY COW!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!! Way to go!!!!! :D :D :D That is so exciting!! It starts slowly, but you got one a month ago, just got another one today, so I am guessing you will have at least one next month!! I am so excited for you! It will be snowballing before you know it! Oh I am looking forward to seeing your success!
redcloud2015 Premium
Congratulations yes that is true with I cant lose attitude and not giving up is the best formula to reaching success. We all can't wait to hear about the many other sales you will get in the future. I wish you much success and I can see you already have that covered:)
sugarangels Premium
That is great that was the fire for me to push on I started affiliate marketing before I found wealthy affiliates. When I got that first sale then second then in a month I made 600 dollars just by social media so I now you will do good If you are getting that great job
eds4ever Premium
Deidre what a nice name!
Well, where do i begin,,, if you ever saw the titanic movie, and after the ship goes down people are in boats floating around in the cold, well almost the whole world is like that ! I know its not a warm blanket telling you that there are others of us out here like you, but it is in fact true. So take heart, keep thinking positive and keep working toward your goal. Its happening to others why not u and I ? Imagine if after so many lightbulbs were built and didn't work that alaxander graham bell quit,,it was like a hundred bulbs if memory serves me correctly. Imagine making one hundred sites on the internet and getting nothing ! Wow you would be down,, but he kept making more, and financially the light came on hhaha And so it will for you and I. Think of it as a test to see how much you want it,,, like a child that pulls on his parents legs wanting something, "please mama'please mama" do they quit,,, NEVER,,they drive you into giving in,,, well make it work don't quit, if a child can do it so can we,,,you and I !
'. Believe me i know hardship,, i feel off my roof in 2002 and crushed my left heel, broke the right ankle in 4 places, crushed a couple of discs in my spine, etc etc. couldn't work for a year, couldn't even get out of bed for 5 months! But I'm still here even though 6 years ago they told me i wont walk anymore "get your affairs in order Mr Stewart". Well i proved them wrong thus far. Sure its not easy I'm in pain etc all the time, but what is the alternative, quit and feel sorry for myself,, i would be an empty vessel if i did that. So my favorite phrase coming up: "Stay green and growing" or else become "ripe and rotten' So follow the green light and GO GO GO. Errol
Ps nice job on the sales, many more to you
DwightMurray Premium
I had a no content month last month, I am working 2 jobs and had no time to work on my site, I'm back at it and read your notice and I am inspired to carry on no matter how long it takes, I just have to keep moving forward, thank you for your encouraging word.
mtmmoyer29 Premium
Hello, and congrats, I have not reached a sale yet but the same as my website for my niche, I am taking my time. I do have a full time job and want to eventually be able to leave that job but for now I want to follow each and every step and not rush. I know it will pay of in the end so I cannot wait to post as you did and know how excited I will be. This is a great program and I see success posted all the time here at WA. Thanks for sharing your success, and encouraging everyone else.

nevrob Premium
I am sorry but you did not encourage me, after 3 years only 2 sales ? I feel pretty discouraged . What took you so long ? And to see you so excited. I cant believe it, you see I am here only 5 months and have not fully installed my website yet but in the next 3 months I expect to see some income.So let me ask some is there some thing I am missing?
ChrisGooden Premium
If you are planning an income for life, you don't give up after just a few years. No business makes money in its first few years. Amazon didn't make a profit it in its first 7 years.

Like building a house, the first half of the work is invisible under the ground.
FLedet Premium
That is Amazing...Congrats...Keep of the great progress.

My site still isnt up but I too am not a quitter, I didnt sign up to let this over take me... I came here to make money and make a life for myself. And the same as luckylady.. This will happen for ME and ALL OTHER WHO WONT GIVE UP....This isnt an easy thing to do but maybe for some but for others it isnt..but get in all the training you can get and dont jump ahead follow all the steps as Kyle walks you through and if needed retrain and retrain again but DONT GIVE UP!!!! Nothing Is Impossible...Best of Luck To You Again Luckylady and ALL the Ones who isnt at this point yet as myself...JUST HOLD ON A LIL LONGER...ITS COMING :)
Edrin Premium
I have not made my first sale yet, and I haven't lost hope either! Seeing your success gives me even more confidence on my road to success! Thank you, and keep it up. I would love to hear about your success as you grow and progress.

Best of luck,
Edrin :)
gru14001 Premium
Woot woot! That is so motivating, and congratulations!!
I am just now starting to drive unique visitors to my website and that simple thing is making me so excited! I can't imagine making a sale yet, that would be just awesome.
I am so happy for you, thanks for the tips :)
KeithWilhelm Premium
Congratulations LadyLuck. I am so excited myself about making my first sale and then my 100th sale because I want to go to Las Vegas and at that point there will absolutely be no question that I can quit my day job.
Keep up the awesome work.
P.S. I just started following you because I can see you are making it.
theresroth Premium
This is fantastic!
I bet it was someone you took the time to communicate with on your site, in my experience, I'm more likely to buy from someone I've shared thoughts on a thread with, it gives that little extra boost to the decision.....
However it happened, Congratulations, and may this be the Start of a positive sales avalanche for you!☺

Susieq57 Premium
This is really great! This gives me hope, more than anything else that this is coming from a real person that made it work. I am about to publish my first website, and I am, scared half to death! thank you for this ray of sunshine! Best of continued success.
nevrob Premium
Well what do you know your name says it all Lady luck. Sorry i did not know of this program in 2013 when you got started i could have saved my self well over $6,000 but you live and learn.I believe i am now in the right place. Just got started last week and i am going to use you as my example.Thanks.