A guy in India has been trying to sign up to WA through my link, but he says he cannot go any further as he cannot get a free account. It says free starter membership not available in your country, but we would love you to go premium. Anyone know a way around this?
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TheOldSilly Premium
I have the same problem with a friend in Ghana, Africa, who wants to sign up. PayPal does not work in that country. :-(
rwagener Premium
There may be other issues that make it difficult for some countries - like Paypal do not operate in most African countries - not sure about India.
MozMary Premium Plus
wow, just followed apache1's link and see Nigeria, Phillipines and India and some unnamed countries can't get free but maybe can go premium - I wish I'd heard about that before so thanks for asking the question!!
Steve36 Premium
sorry I'm not sure, I have yet to come accross this issue, but good luck in finding that out I'm sure the community can help you.
apache1 Premium Plus
https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/wa-affiliate-program/is-wa-free-account-not-for-some-region Refer to above link regarding this issue then scoll down to wendyjane and her reply as given by Kyle. Hope this clears it up for you if you still have issues with this PM Kyle or Carson for any further details.