Hey guys,

I have some questions about the WA affiliate referral program. I have been doing affiliate marketing for the last year, and my business partner and I recently signed up for WA Premium accounts, to test the tracking and funnels. We both created the Free account first, and then we used the other account's affiliate tracking links to upgrade to Premium. Neither of us is seeing the referral conversion in our dashboard, and have some questions:

1. Does the WA affiliate program use cookie tracking or 100% URL-based tracking?
2. Are conversions only recorded when the user signs up for the Free account on the referral link and then upgrades to Premium? Or can referral conversions be generated from pre-existing users who already have accounts but use a referral link to upgrade?
3. Is there a delay on the conversions showing up in the dashboard. If so, what is the delay?
4. What is WA's refund policy? Does WA ever reverse referral commissions (assuming there is no fraud happening)? I saw the policy on yearly plans, which definitely makes sense, but what about the monthly plans?
5. Does WA offer more frequent payouts for their highest volume affiliates?

Thanks for the info!

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ericcantu Premium
Hey Alexis :)
1. WA has lifetime cookies which is spectacular.
2. You get referral credit when someone clicks through your link, joins, and then goes premium. Users who are already free members can't click through someone else's affiliate link to upgrade.
3. I've never had any delay with my referrals showing up, although I was already premium when my first referral joined. I'd just check with Kyle and ask so you can both get credit for each other.
4. While there are unique situations, for the most part there are no refunds. You can cancel at any time and you'll have full access for the rest of your billing cycle. If you have built websites, you'll have 30 days to move them to another hosting provider.
5. Payouts are always on the 1st of every month :)
ATMarketing Premium
Thanks so much for the info Eric. Really appreciate you taking the time to respond :)