Needing to figure out how to get the domain transfer number? The domain has been paid for and all that but needs to be directed to WA and need transfer number/code to move forward.

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AlexEvans Premium
Hi, Martin what you are looking for is the " transfer verification code, "you obtain this from your current domain name registrar.

If you are having issues search their knowledge base using the keywords ( how to obtain a transfer verification code ). It is usually a straightforward process; most registrars make it seem hard.

Once you have it paste it into the transfer a new domain here in WA;

WA will handle the rest.

It would also be helpful if you provided your registrar's name; that way, we will know what to do to help you.
Hackerist Premium
What is your current registrar, where you purchased your domain from? The AuthInfo code is provided by your registrar within five calendar days of your request.

MAlverson Premium Plus
I think we might have it now
Hackerist Premium
Glad to hear that.