Hi Site Support. I just provided website feedback for https://groomydude.com/benefits-to-owning-a-dog/ however it did not seem to go through. I have included the feedback submitted under. Could this be added and my account credited as I do not have a way to go back to the site.

1. Content Itself and Layout

I found that the title ‘Benefits to Owning a Dog was clear and the supporting information was easy to follow and properly structured with date and author. There were also other backlink articles which you redirected the reader to for further detailed reading which was useful. I would only recommend here that to improve the balance of the information that you perhaps also discuss other considerations of owning a dog (e.g. cost of upkeep in terms of food, shots, licenses and the time you should devote). That way people who are considering your recommendation get a fuller picture of all that comes with it.

2. Content Engagement

Even though this article is ‘hot off the press’ the other articles that you have posted demonstrate that your readers are engaged and interested with the content that you have posted. As a new visitor this demonstrates that you have a certain degree of credibility. Perhaps this engagement could be boosted with the adding of social media links, which I didn’t see on this particular page.

I would also advise that you review your engagement metrics which will more clinically show how your audience has interacted with your content. Similar to what you might see in the WA dashboard, some of the engagement measures which I have been able to locate are:

• Page visits
• Bounce rate
• Inbound links (i.e., the total number of sites linking to the page)
• Conversions (i.e., the number of page visitors who performed the call to action on the page; this could also be presented as a percentage of page visitors who responded to the call-to-action prompt)
• Number of comments
• Total number of social shares
• Number of social shares, by channel (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Google+)

3. Measure Your Content’s Quality

This section I have looked at the following areas and made comments.

• Word length: Your content has a word count of 823 which is good. I think that Google considers you an Authority when you write in excess of 1000 words. So you are close here.
• Uniqueness: The dog niche is a very large and competitive one. So if you Google this particular blog topic a lot of big companies pop up including time.com; purina.co.uk; cdc.gov and huffpost.com. You may wish to look at this to see whether even more refinement of your content could improve your rankings. Similarly stated, see what is not being covered by your competitors
• Timeliness: I think this content is timeless however there are certain topics which may give it a more timely feel. For instance a) how having a dog helps with mental heath particularly if you are by yourself for Thanksgiving as an example.
• Topic relevance: Spot on here.

4. Measure Your Content’s SEO Value

Following on from improving your SEO and Google indexing, make sure that you identify solid keywords You can of course use Google, Jaxxy or paid platforms like Semrush.

You can easily measure a page’s SEO value using Alexa’s One Page SEO Checker. Just sign up and enter your URL from your website and enter the targeted keyword, you’ll receive a report on the status of the page’s SEO.

Hope this helps

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