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JudeP Premium
Well worth a small investment, great value for money :)
SuzQ Premium
Training: The training is easy to understand, and flows through tasks. The live training is fantastic.

All under one roof: You can even register your domain at WA, so most everything is under one roof.

Assistance: The assistance, advice, review, and critique from others is great, but also refreshing. How often in the workplace when you ask for help does everyone turn away or pass the buck or suddenly become mute!

Side Benefits: Moral support, individuals in like minded niches, humor, and help when frustrated can all be found here.

Practice: When completing lessons we're asked to do a task at the end. But we also get to ask questions, answer them, write blogs, partake in comments, review other sites, have ours reviewed, get free comments.... and more.

It's a confidence builder no doubt! One can read a lot on a variety of very helpful and knowledgeable websites. But being a part of something that builds your know-how and technique is valuable too.

You have to decide how much so.
MyraBeth Premium
Yes, it teaches REAL skills about how to build a website and then, how to monetize that website. The beginning steps are the foundation steps which are needed, and some of those steps are not glamorous nor glitzy, they are 'boring' techy steps but so needed to make your website be right and look good.

I have tried so many other 'online money making' programs and they either gloss over those basic beginning steps or just tell you all the hype and hocus pocus.

At WA, it is about building a solid and secure online business. Sometimes it is hard, behind the scenes, work. And that hard work (ask any actor or athletic) is what it takes for anyone to succeed.
MPollock Premium
Training is worth it, but so is all the help so you can do it the right way. and the tools here are Awesome.
BeauAndNik Premium
The training is with out a doubt worth it!