I just have to say that I believe WA is, without a doubt, the best place in the world for internet entrepreneurs to learn, coach, share and grow, the smart way. The community is absolutely awesome, the training is on a level all it's own and on top of it being worth every penny you could ever spend, you can come in for FREE and stay as long as you like.

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Aspiring Premium
I definitely agree. The programme is so great that I am working on both my nice site and the Bootcamp at the same time. Initially, I thought I should wait until I proved the system worked before promoting it myself. I decided last week I had seen enough and was keep to start promoting WA as well, as I think it offers so much. Plus, my niche site has generated traffic to Amazon - no sales yet, but I can see it is going to work - where else could you achieve all this in 6 weeks?
jaytech Premium
If you were to do a similar course in the real world it would cost absolutely thousands to finance. Plus you'd probably take a few years to complete, here you can have a site up and running in the first day.

I've seen sites with people offering private Wordpress tuition charging $250 per hour. I'm not doubting they're very good, but I do doubt that they could offer me anything that isn't right here under the WA roof for a fraction of the price.
Ken-Pringle Premium
Jay, you are certainly right about WA
being the very best for the money.
I know because I run coaching programs
and yes the tuition is way more then WA
tuition. That is what brought me here to
WA. I can pass on the great savings to
my clients. That makes my day complete.
Kit-Wealth Premium
Agree for the full 100%!
DGrant Premium
I have to agree. I haven't been this excited or motivated in a long, long time! The training is phenomenal and I have tried lots of others - all I managed to do was get confused and spend money on programs that are just not set up to help people succeed like WA is. I big Thanks to everyone here - from Newbies like me to all you amazing Gurus! We Rock!
FrankT1 Premium
MOBE is not a scam in the true sense of the word..they offer good quality training but you must PAY for all of it..for example the 21 step program referred to as MTTB is fantastic but the true cost to obtain the advertised benefits is $1997.00...this will give you quite a bit of training but if you need to expand your knowledge you must PAY for it..
I would say, work within WA, take advantage of all they offer including the many talented marketers in the WA family...
DoubleA Premium
I agree completely, I have checked out other programs and other sources of training and most focus on just one aspect or just try to get you to buy into more stuff. The only skeptical "complaint" I've gotten so far when promoting wealthy affiliate is that premium does cost, andI try to explain the value of this community. The monthly fee is actually quite low considering everything offered with premium and how much training is available for all sorts of topics.
SteveOlan Premium
Thanks for your reply, seem like we both found what we were looking for here at WA.