Does anyone think it is worth me continuing with my WA membership as I am not interested in writing to promote products or interested in affiliate marketing anymore.

I have almost been killed in a car crash and have decided to write my story of all I have achieved since sustaining a head injury in the crash. I want to sell this story to people as it is a very inspiring story of overcoming challenges, despite obstacles in your way. Therefore, it has the potential to help so many people as everybody has things they struggle with.

I can get much cheaper hosting elsewhere but I don't know what I should do?

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RayAleksandr Premium
Hi Dave, I don't think it's worth continuing with WA, unless;

* you have multiple sites running other than your original dental health site?
* you've been paying the old Black Friday membership rate - once you leave, you won't get the same benefit when you come back.

I absolutely see the points that others make. I agree with them 100%, great people, great help. But how often do you need help after 4+ years, and when you do ask for help, how do you find the answers you receive?

I would take these points into consideration...

That's my honest answer and I hope this doesn't sound offensive to you or any other members. I love WA, don't get me wrong.

JeffreyBrown Premium

You might get cheaper hosting,but that will literally be it, and each website you choose to build will be a separate hosting charge. For the pittance of an annual cost, which I also write-off every year, WA is certainly the premier place to perform internet business! There is so much support here from the founders and the members. You could promote your book on Kindle Direct. You could sell your book from your own e-commerce site. Likely you are on the black Friday deal based on when you joined, so your cost is actually UNDER $1.00 a day! These are all my opinions, since I don't know your situation, but under $1.00 a day is a pretty easy decision to make! You can't even get a cruddy McDonald's hamburger for that!

Enjoy your day, and best of luck making your decision!

ParthaB Premium
Hi David,

I think many of the answers you'll receive will be from a marketing perspective.

WA isn't just about affiliate marketing, there's a wealth of information on many other subjects, depending on what direction you wish to take.

However, allow me play devil's advocate for a moment and offer you another viewpoint:

I truly believe the most important factor for any business in Relationships.

I won't go into the ins-and-outs of this statement, but simply provide you with an example.

A few extraordinary WA members are already published authors:

Jeffrey Brown, Mel Waller just to name two.

I know Mel is currently wotking on his autobiography.

Greg (Gnoose) has gone into hiding over the past month, but I know he is working hard on getting his book finished asap. He'll be back.

I feel I've got a book or two in me and I can guarantee that when it comes to the what, why, how, when, and who, I'll be turning to these guys.

They've already achieved success in terms of writing and publishing, so can walk-the-walk and talk-the-talk.

I'm pretty positive that these guys will be happy to help me out along every single step of the way when it comes to writing and publishing that first book of mine.

I would (potentially) never have met these guys if it wasn't for WA.

The decision as to whether you stay at WA is yours and yours alone.

JeffreyBrown Premium
You bet I will, Partha, though I suspect that you will run circles around me!

ParthaB Premium
I doubt that Jeff.

However, I can see myself calling on you some time early next year, as a book (maybe two) will be my main focus for 2021.

JeffreyBrown Premium
I will be happy to help you, my friend!

LauraFuller Premium
Hello, I too am writing a series of books to inspire and help others. Writing the book is the easy part compared to getting it published. For myself I will need all of the exposure available. Including a blog to promote it.

Ultimately the decision has to be yours. Can WA help you learn more? Can having the community be an asset? Or has your time here and your experience come to a close?

These are questions you will have to find an answer to in your heart. You have to do what is right for you to peruse your dream.

Loes Premium
Hi Dave, sorry to read about your challenging time. I hope everything will work out for you.